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2024 – Back to the Future

Well, it’s the year end black hole that always catches me off guard. Here I sit , all coffee’d up and not much to write about on the schedules of bands. I know New Year’s celebrations are a big deal. But there’s 365 days that follow that there will be Live Music, I have faith. My tip to bands and venues- Please update your fb page or send me all the dates that ya can at least a month ahead. It will allow me to continue to help pass the word on to the loyal fans of your music and supporters of Live Music in general.

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So this is kind of a Back to the Future article. I made plans to Ring in the New Years at Billy’s Bash in Poteau. I hope I lasted til Midnite and got home safely. I purty sure that I had Black-eyed Peas, Greens , Hawg-jowl and cornbread. And at the time of printing or posting this article, I have kept every New Year’s Resolution that I made.

Live Music- It is only a couple of weeks until “Hillbilly Vegas” will make the trip to England for 15 dates. January will find the band as Opening Act for Luke Morley. Luke Morley’s music has evolved from the Hard Rock sound of “Thunder” to the recent solo album- Songs from a Blue Room. His music has been on my playlist since I did a lil’ research and the sound evolved into a unique style all his own. He plays most of the instruments on the album but drums. His voice is strong and guitar work is fresh and lyrics bring new life to traditional themes of love, loss, good times and the blues of the bad. Give his tunes a listen. “Hillbilly Vegas” will be showcasing their latest single- Hell to Pay off the album- The Great Southern Hustle and they are a great contrast to Luke Morley’s sound. It will be 8 wks. of sold out shows.

Who is in Hillbilly Vegas and what do they play?

Steve Harris-vocals/Stacy Thornburg-Lead Guitar/Johnny Reed-Guitar/Geraldo Dominelli-Guitar/Keyboard Todd Ronning-Bass/Troy Hollinger-Drum. The band is proof that if ya keep your nose to the grindstone and your eye on the prize, keep it fresh and continue to use your God-given talents, a band will be given opportunities and a chance to show what they can do.
And what the band can do is come out all guns a-blazin’ Rock, soften the sound with a ballad to tug at your heartstrings and hit ya with Red Dirt/Country Rock. Their show is high energy with a chance to catch your breath now and again. What’s cool is there’s a Live Album being mixed outta songs from the last tour with Ted Nugent. I have had a taste of a couple of songs in the works and loved them. This band went full-time and have made a career of music. No Mo’ Day Jobs. And after just a lil’ more than decade of blood, sweat and tears, this flash-in-the-pan group keeps on climbing in writing and recording their own songs. Using social media, their fanbase is far reaching across two continents and spreading like wildfire. “Hillbilly Vegas” has 7 gigs as the top-billed or solo act. Tickets are on sale now. As “Just Listen to This” music mag in England describes the band “The Oklahoma based Southern Rock Powerhouse”. That says it all.

Also, Dawn’s Diner/Red Oak starts off 2024 with “59 South” On Friday 5th. Great Country and Classic Rock Dance music. Then, Sat. 6th, “Big Marty and the Dirty Dawgs” will do a show. So ya can eat- dance and eat some more. Get to Red Oak and have a good time. Music  starts at 7 pm both Nights.

 That ain’t all that I have to sat but it’s a good place to stop. Contact me- Text 918-649-5736 or [email protected]. Thanks to all and let’s make 2024 a year full of Live Music.

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