November rise and shine

Heavener Elementary rise and shine school held its rise and shine ceremony Thursday morning.

125 accelerated reader points: Jayden Hight, Punji Patel, Mateo Pena, Zusany Rios and David Rios.

Pre-K–Front row: Julian Casildo and Archer Duncan. Back row: Briana Franks and Stacey Stacy.

Kindergarten—Front row: Zoe Lira, Symphony Ford and Pacyn Sullivan. Back row: Angie Culwell, Kelli Pitchford and Lacy Herbert.

First grade—Front row:  Kampton Davis, Anapatricia Lopez and Punj Patel. Back row: Joni Roop, Karlee Skelton and Danella Hardin.

Second grade—Front row: Preslee Newcomer, Asa Benton and David Vasquez. Back row: Beth Mead, Kay Lynn Huddleston and Shanan Shipman.

Third grade—Front row: Alexa Hotella, Clinton May and Mateo Vasquez. Back row: Jill Sullivan, Melissa Baker and Sarah Bain.

Fourth grade—Front row: Elizabeth Martinez and Leo May. Back row: Jolie Kannaday and Kim Hall.

Fifth grade—Front row: Chris Montoyo, Kipp McGee and Solash Alcantar. Back row: Shelly Brown, Misty Enger and Tiffaney Kirby.

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