Howe Board approves insurance premium

Howe Board approves insurance premium

The Howe School Board met in a regular business meeting Monday evening.

Present were Elvis Hall, Kenneth Barnhart and Matt Blake.

The Board approved the property automobility and general liability insurance premium for $191,000.

The workers compensation insurance was approved along with unemployment service agreement and OSSBA membership along with board policy subscriptions and updates.

Temporary appropriations for the coming school year were approved along with a discussion of a resource officer, maintenance and custodial and the high school and elementary staff.

Average attendance for the summer school session, which ends June 20, has been around 70.

A grant for stop the violence was approved and several others are in the works.

The library media statutory waiver request was approved.

Emergency certification was approved for year five for Shawn Womack, and three-year requests for Britt Brown and Callie Brown.

The board also approved a contract with Educational Support Services and a contract for Education Law Contract for legal services.

Howard Sims contributed to this report.

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