Guess how I vote

Guess how I vote


I like Rick West, the Oklahoma State Representative from District 3.  I like him even more after meeting him last June 9 at an informal gathering in Poteau.  Representative West shared information with a group of 20 or so friendly people, and the event was educational and informative.


As for myself, anyone who knows me knows the sort of candidates I will vote for in any election.  The following column from 2020 has been revised for the current year, but it clarifies where I stand and how I vote:

“There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican parties,” said George Wallace, 3rd party presidential candidate in 1968.  He had been saying it since 1966, and back then, he was right.  But as Bob Dylan, another cultural icon of the 1960s observed, “The times, they are a changin’.”

Bob Dylan was right.  In fact, things have changed so much that today there is way more than a dime’s worth of difference between people two major parties, and it’s not just because of inflation, either.

I’ve received some gentle criticisms and ribbing about being vague as to which party and which candidates I support, but it should be obvious to those who know me.  It at least should be easy to guess.

For instance, I believe in the Jeffersonian inalienable rights, rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and an equality of rights for all people, including the unborn.  I believe all lives matter.  Consequently, I cannot support proponents of abortion.

The right to liberty is a given, but a presumed right to raise hell is something completely different.  I support our police officers, game wardens, firefighters, our military – all our first responders.  The current talk in some cities about defunding the police is idiotic.  It would be wiser to defund the rioters.

The 2nd Amendment clarifies citizens’ right to have weapons.  The intent was not merely for our forefathers to put meat on the table; but to provide citizens with means to defend themselves in case the governing bodies became hostile and oppressive.  I’m not a gun owner, but I’m all for the 2nd Amendment.

I do not believe our government should be a wet-nurse to welfare abusers, illegal immigrants, many social programs, and lots of other things that steal from American taxpayers. . .

Have I struck any nerves, here?  These is more, and I admit I haven’t figured it all out; but the November elections are just around the corner.  Have you guessed how I will vote?

It seems nothing really changes as history flows into the future.  Well, names change, but that’s about it.  Every generation has the same pains, sorrows and injustices, yet we never seem to learn.  I did witness something way down in Florida in the mid-1970s, though, that still gives me hope:

A “white” Southern Baptist church invited a “black” Baptist church to participate in a weekend revival.  The invitation was accepted, and when the time came, the congregations gathered together and prayed and sang, and the pastors preached, and at first it seemed a little odd.  You see, the perception among whites at that time was that the nation regarded southern whites as inbred knuckle-dragging segregationist Democrat Neanderthals.  Yes, the white pastor was a Democrat.  Here we were, though, integrated, worshipping God!

The pastor of the white congregation, was a Democrat.  Like Martin Luther King, the black pastor was Republican who grew up in the segregated South.  He was well acquainted with prejudice, racism and bigotry, but more he knew Jesus.

The services were lively, long, powerful and emotional.  The finale on the last evening was when the two preachers cried and hugged each other, calling each other “brother” in the name of Jesus Christ their Lord.

“Red and yellow, black and white, all are precious in His sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world!”

Friends, a national realization and acceptance of this fact is the only thing that will ultimately save America.  But don’t do it for your country; do it for yourself.  After all, if you’re not part of God’s Kingdom, does any other kingdom you’re in really matter?

(We may discuss this a little more next week.)

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