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Well, here I am once again. And as an old carpenter that I worked with put it- “I’s jus’ so glads ta b her’.” I had a couple of days to try to get things right so I wrote two articles for the Dec. 5 article. Two different endings for this trial that I had been given. Can’t be too careful. I am glad that the report of “Live Music” instead of my untimely demise was the topic.

When I heard the diagnosis of “get the procedure or write your eulogy” from Dr Meuer, It gave me time to reflect. First a flash of fear that was quickly overcome by faith. The Serenity Prayer was used constantly. To tie up loose ends the immortal words of the “Pirates of the Mississippi”- Now I lay down me down to sleep- I pray the Lord my soul to keep- If I die before I wake- “Feed Jake”. I am very Grateful for the chance to stay around and be of service to mom, family, friends and addicts that are placed before me. Never before has Living one day at a time meant so much to me.

Support live, local music

But enuf about me. I am pleased to just be a fan, a critic and I have much respect for “Hillbilly Vegas”. After taking a couple months off to rest, work on a live album and work in a new bass player, there’s been loss, some suffering and thru it all, seems to have brought them closer as a family, a band of brothers. My prayers go out to Robb Edwards, bass player for a couple of tours, who is battling cancer. There’s a way to make a donation to help ease the financial burden of health care on the band’s Facebook page.

But as entertainers, the show must go on. And as one writer labels HV- “Oklahoma based Southern Rock powerhouse, Hillbilly Vegas”, they were fortunate enough to fill the bass position with Todd Ronning a member of “Bad Company”. So following up on the release of “Hell To Pay”, Hillbilly Vegas will start their next tour in England Jan. 24, 2024. Here’s wishing the band success and safe travels.

Just a mention of the New Year’s Eve event in Poteau, “Hillbilly Vegas” will be playing with “Shady Oak  Tribadours” and “Billy Hoffman and the Asphalt Cowboys”. Tickets are on sale.

Live Music this week: Rough Day Brewery hosts an evening of live music Saturday. It starts at 5 p.m. and has an eclectic band and artist list. Karey Middleton, Francis Wayne Dale, Maxx Lemaster, Jacob Green, “beef” and top-billed “Trembler”. Sounds like a very interesting lineup.

Dawn’s Diner/Red Oak will have “59 South” playing Friday and “Big Marty and the Dirty Dogs” Saturday. Music both nites the music starts at 6 p.m.

“The Shady Oak Tribadours perform at Ava’s/Fianna Hills Friday and La Huertas/ Poteau Saturday. The show at Ava’s starts around 8 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. at La Heurtas.

“Live Wire” will play at La Huertas Thursday. They cover all your favorites and a few originals. Music starts at 6:30 p.m..
“Backroads” is at the Muldrow City Limits Saturday. This band is a favorite here so expect a large gathering and a full dance floor. Music at 7 p.m.

That’s not all I got to say but it’s all the wind that I got at the moment. Contact me at 918-649-5736 or [email protected]. Thanks. And remember it’s only 14 days until Christmas.

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