Council approves ordinances, promotion


The Heavener City Council approved a pair of ordinances and promoted a new full-time police officer at Thursday’s regularly scheduled meeting.

Present were Mayor Max Roberts, Council members Marvin Meredith and Jim Rolll, along with City Manager Ty Armstrong and City Clerk Amy Osborne.

The first ordinance approved had to deal with animals, primarily dogs. A new license fee of $8 per year was instituted along with the requirement the dogs should be tagged in case they are running free.

If a dog is loose and captured, there will be a fine to the owner for the first time with the cost increasing the second and third time until the animal is picked up by animal control after the fourth incidence.

Armstrong said dogs running free had become a nuisance and needed to get under control.

The Council also approved Ordinance # 776-23, an HUA admin fee. This establishes a fee, not to exceed $1 per month, per active account to provide funding for communication services, technology and equipment.

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Craig Hall
Publisher, writer, photographer and teacher.